Planday, the software startup that helps companies with an efficient employees scheduling, has announced a new investor.

Drawing on experience from Just-Eat

When Creandum in 2014 invested in Planday, they kept the part of the investment open to the right co-investor. Now it has been announced that Klaus Nyengaard takes that role. Klaus past with building and internationalising Just-Eat will be a great asset for the Planday team.

“Klaus Nyengaard has a great insight in working with software-as-a-service and to scale an organisation. His experiences will therefore benefit Planday considerably.” says Christian Brøndum, CEO at Planday.

Klaus will not take an active position at the company or it’s board. Instead, he will act as a sounding board for Christian and the other directors.

“We are well on the way to internationalise our business and expect to roll out to three to five new markets this year. Klaus Nyengaard has made this journey with Just-Eat with great success.”

Making employee scheduling easy, world-wide

The company’s slack bots makes it easy for companies to manage employees schedules, HR and payroll. The vast majority of small and medium-sized companies are still doing this manually, either with physical boards or using excel or simple spreadsheets. It is time consuming and error-prone, and the smallest mistake can quickly become costly for companies, often operating on low margins. Here Planday found its niche via a web-based solution that can also be accessed by mobile. Thus, employees can easily swap shifts with each other and the smooth processes provides competitive advantages.

“We find that there is a very large and unmet demand among small and medium-sized businesses for a better way to organise their working hours. Our goal is to become a global leader in this time-management segment and we go for an annual growth of 100%.”

Planday currently has 53 employees, and aims to grow by at least 25 more this year. They are currently helping over 50 000 users, including companies such as Best Western, Falck and Novo Nordisk.

An opportunity not to pass on

After the sale of Just-Eat, Klaus went back to Denmark and devoted part of his time to invest in promising tech startups, including GenieBelt, Shipbeat and Tradono. Common to these startups is that they deal with workflow and online marketplaces, something that is true for Planday as well.

“When I invest in a company, it must have at least the potential to become leading in Europe. In addition, the team must be competent and the chemistry between them right. And finally, they need to operate in an industry I understand. A few simple criterias, but they are important. Planday is an exciting company that has all possible conditions for becoming the predominant player in global time-management. It was an opportunity I would not let go.” says Klaus Nyengaard.

The sum of the investment has not been disclosed. Creandum invested € 3.5 M in Planday in 2014.