There are definitely a bunch of startup competitions around. Besides the Global Startup Awards (where the Nordic Startup Awards regional winners where just announced), VentureCup (which is held both in Denmark and Sweden), there is also the Startup World Cup, organized by the Silicon Vikings in the Nordics.

This week the Swedish session was held, during the Connect2Capital event. Of the eight finalists, three where from the Oresund region.

  • Lupinta – which works with replacing meat with a new source of proteins, that is based on lupin instead of soy. This can grow natively in
    Europe. Based in Bjuv, as part of the Food Valley initiative there.
  • Betterwealth – a startups focused on wealth management, that was just recently in the news, having raised their latest investment round. Based in Malmö.
  • Xenergic – who have developed a new way to handle memories related to CPUs, making them a lot more efficient. Based in Lund.

Unfortunatly none of these won. The winner was Gothenburg legaltech startup Precisly.