Serenity‘s Kickstarter campaign for its intelligent alarm device launched last week. The goal of the campaign is to raise 40 000$ (about 330 000 SEK) and so far Serenity got about 25% of the set funding goal, just a week since the launch on Kickstarter. 

Serenity is an alarm, “an intelligent guardian”, which prevents others from taking or opening your bag. The company, founded in September 2015, prepares to launch its Kickstarter campaign on February 2nd at 18.00 (GMT +1). The goal is to get 40,000 USD (~€ 37k) to cover the initial costs of production. Previously they had also investment from LU Innovation System and Leapfrogs  to develop its prototype.

“Why do we have to worry about our belongings, shouldn’t we just know they are safe?” – the question that served as a stepping point for Serenity.

Andrew Lentz, founder of Serenity, came up with the idea and then started the company with fellow students from Lund University. Their multinational team was soon supported by the local entrepreneur scene and grew with experienced individuals in design and engineering. The device, which is similar to a USB stick, is attached to the bag’s zipper. It can recognize its owner and connect to mobiles or wearables through an app and Bluetooth connectivity. In this way, the owner gets notifications in case the bag is stolen or left behind.

“We want to develop smart solutions for other things, like musical instruments, wallets and computers. We are also looking at opportunities to sew up the product in the bag,” said Andrew Lentz to 8till5 on future plans.

For more information about Serenity’s Kickstarter launch party, go here.