Tunaspot received 200.000 Euro from German investors to expand their service to in the mobile market. Tunaspot is a service that allows Spotify users to find music which other people listen to in the same geographical area and at the same time makes location based playlists. Today they have 100.000 users; the newly received investment should help to achieve Tunaspot’s goal of reaching 250.000 users in the end of the year. Besides, it helps Tunaspot to gain a foothold in the mobile market, since their service is only available for computers at the moment.

The two angels investors from Germany remain anonymous, but Sydsvenskan mentions that they are IT-entrepreneurs with strong ties in the electronic music scene in Berlin. Recently the value of the company got an estimation of 2M Euro. Today five people work at Tunaspot, and the company has plans to recruit a developer. The investment also means that Tunaspot will open an office in Berlin.

“We will have our office in the Betahaus, which is a bit like Media Evolution City in Malmö. Two people will be in the place all the time. However, Berlin is becoming more and more a European Silicon Valley. We found our investors there, and we think that we’ll find interesting partners there. We will continue to be a Malmö-based startup, but we also want to have a place in Berlin” Says Erik Stenberg (source: Sydsvenskan)