On the 31st of October 2018 the 16th edition of the Nordic Venture Forum took place in Copenhagen. The event focuses on linking startups from different sectors to potential investors from all over Europe through its concept based program. Many venture investors and 60 startups attended, and 13 winners were announced. According to OECD, the Nordic Region consistently ranks the highest as the most entreprenurial region in Europe, and the Nordic Venture Forum has the aim of showcasing companies from several sectors including Software, Internet of Things, FinTech, Cleantech, Digital Health, Medtech, Life Sciences and Food.

Liselotte Hohwy Stokholm, CEO of Væksthus Capital Region, says:

”Nordic Venture Forum is one of the strongest events in funding. The screening process means that only the best are involved, and that is why there are so many foreign investors to see what we can in Denmark.”

The winners from this years Nordic Venture Forum were;

These companies will later go to the finals of the European Venture Summit in Düsseldorf, congratulations to all the winners!