Asia House and TechBBQ announce their new project: Innovation Lab Asia.

The aim of Innovation Lab Asia is to bring Danish startups a step closer to innovative ecosystems of Asia. According to research, Asian countries have higher prospects of getting more Unicorns than the Silicon Valley. The platform will provide a database on Asian innovation hubs and allow for collaborations within the start scenes of Denmark and such countries, as China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. The database will map Tech Hubs, VCs and Business Angels, that are relevant for Danish startups.

New hubs in Asia are rapidly developing and attracting an increasing share of global investments and talents. In the second quarter of 2018, Asian innovation environments secured 42% of global venture-based investments.

Later in 2019-2020, 15 Danish startups will be selected for an investor pitch in Asia, with an aim to establish real cooperation between Danish companies and Asian investors.

According to the initiating organisations, Danish startup ecosystem experiences lack of internationalism, e.g. no possiblility for global cooperation in terms of innovation, funding and market access.

“Looking towards overseas and especially Asia, the ecosystem around entrepreneurship in this country can become wiser and create new useful networks for the benefit of Danish startup companies’ growth,” says Mads Lebech, CEO of Industriens Fond, which has supported Innovation Lab Asia with ca. €522 800, as part of the Fund’s efforts to create global alliances and internationalise Danish businesses.

Avnit Singh, CXO for TechBBQ, describes Asian startup environment as “the new powerhouse for innovation and technology”.

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