Techfestival, the annual big tech event since 2017, will return in September, the 5th to 9th, 2019. The goal of the festival is “to find human answers to tech progress”. It is literally “where humans and technology meet”.

Over the last two years, Techfestival has been highly successful. More than 16,000 people gathered during the event last year. And it is a festival – with hundreds of events, talks and activities were held by over hundreds of organizers from all over the world. Being open so many others that organize happenings during the Techfestival has made the event very inspiring for others, and also made it possible to make room for discussions and talks that might not usually fit into one centrally planned startup conference.

Furthermore, the Techfestival has each year sent a message to everyone who shapes technology today. In 2017 this was by “The Copenhagen Letter” and in 2018 “The Copenhagen Catalogue”, which were made by 150 thinkers and practitioners gathered from all over the globe, including technologists, designers, philosophers, educators, and artists.

Techfestival is open for anyone who wants to explore, debate and celebrate a human-centric approach to technology with wide open eyes, fierce curiosity and joyful enthusiasm. Ages or backgrounds don’t matter at all. Don’t miss the event. You can sign up here.

Place: Copenhagen
Date: 5-9th September 2019
Registration: official registration site