“Everyone creates a ton of documents, presentations and spreadsheets every day, but no one really uses the latest company templates. Instead new stuff is build on top of whatever is on peoples desktops. Or maybe on something nice from a few years back. Unfortunately this is exactly how most organizations end up in document anarchy.”

These opening words describe the problem that the startup Templafy seeks to solve. Templafy was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the Danish company SkabelonDesign. Since its founding the company has focused on solving the long standing problem of streamlining the visual and juridical design of documents in organizations, stated in the TrendsOnline.


Templafy offers a cloud-based solution, that makes it possible for companies to maintain a coherent design in all documents and across all programs. Even though the time-consuming problems associated with incoherency are well known, there hasn’t been a viable solution until now. By addressing the problem with an automated solution, Templafy has entered a lucrative position as leader in a niche market.

The potential of Templafy’s service has quickly drawn the attention of the two venture capital companies SEED Capital and Sunstone Capital. In June 2014 the two companies collectedly invested DKK 20 million (over 2 600 000 euro) in the venture.

With the growing use of different devises such as tablets and smartphones, it has become increasingly hard for companies to maintain a coherent design for documents. There is therefore a global demand for a solution that can integrate across devices.

“Our position on the global market can be simply explained by the fact that our service has its motor in the cloud, so that it works across all programs no matter where they are.” Says Christian Lund, CEO of Templafy.

Templafy currently has contracts with several major Danish companies, such as ATEA, DSB and Scandinavian Tobacco Group. The startup has furthermore sold 40.000 licenses in four countries.

With an increasing global dependency on cloud based programs, Templafy are confident about maintaining their leading position. Templafy recently opened a new office in New York and the company is now seeking to enter the North American market.