Jørgen Mads Clausen recently stepped down as board chairman for the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. Clausen has held the position since the founding of the organization in 2010. Earlier he was spearheading the entrepreneurial culture in Denmark as the head of Young Enterprise, which later laid the framework for the Danish Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

The role of the foundation is to advocate an increased focus on entrepreneurship in the Danish educational system. In addition to funding teaching that focuses on innovation, the foundation also develops and publishes its own educational material while advising on implementation.

The man to take Clausens place is Tommy Ahlers. Ahlers is well renowned for his own entrepreneurial ventures and his two successful exits with the companies ZYB and Podio. Ahlers stepped in as chairman last Thursday. He will now use his experience to get more young people into the field of entrepreneurship.

Around 15 pct. of Danish entrepreneurial businesses are currently started by young people under the age of 25. Through an increased focus on innovation in the Danish educational system, the Danish Foundation of Entrepreneurship seeks to raise the number in the following years. Today only a fifth of Danish pupils and students receive entrepreneurial education. According to the foundations press release, this is far from enough.