During Slush last week the 2019 Inspiring Fifty for the Nordics where announced. The prize is about highlighting 50 technology “trailblazers, innovators and executives that are smashing perceptions of what women can and do”.

Inspiring Fifty Nordic is a global initiative, initiated in the Netherlands by Janneke Niessen, and done together with Antler.

The awards breakfast hosted during Slush brought together leaders and influencers across the technology field that champion women and value the positive impact increased diversity has on all aspects of business including revenue growth, innovation and culture.

“We’re celebrating 50 women that have made major contributions to the Nordic technology industry. Their courage to push forward against the status quo and hard-fought success that makes them inspiring role models. It’s important that the industry, government, the wider business community and the public understand that the example the Inspiring Fifty sets will help transform the industry’s workforce, improving the sustainability of the Nordic economy.” Janneke Niessen, said

Amongst the Nordic list of 50 women in tech, 9 are from the Øresund region.

You can see the entire list here.