Matsmart, a Sweden-based sustainability-focused e-commerce startup, has announced they will be launching in Denmark. There they will be under a different name: Motatos. Building a different brand is somewhat unusual with an expansion, however Karl Andersson, co-founder says:

“Motatos works great with our philosophy that food can still be fantastic even if it’s label accidentally has a wrong letter.”

Motatos business will be the same as in the home market Sweden and Finland, where they also are active (however, they closed their Norwegian operations recently). Their core business is selling food produce with either short shelf-life, or with miss-printed labels or similar defects.

“Our vision is a world without food waste. We can now enable danish citizens and danish producers to contribute to a better environment.” says Karl

There are multiple other business in this region already involved in this problem. Mette Lykke founded Too Good To Go after she exited Endomondo, and Rscued has since 2014 produced juice from leftover vegetables and fruits. However both of these have somewhat different models, focusing on restaurants and importers, respectively.