Copenhagen entrepreneur Ida Tin with Berlin-based startup Clue have officially launched the fertility tracking iOS Clue app in Denmark. The digital female health company has created an app that gives visual feedback and quickly and easily collects essential information about monthly cycles.

“There is a basic need among women to understand their bodies and know more about it…. When body awareness goes up, it creates a sense of being in charge and being in control.” Ida Tin CEO of Clue, in the New York Times.

The English language version of the app was launched in June 2013 and has had more than 100,000 downloads. Now available in Danish, an official launch party was held last night at the 23 office in Copenhagen to celebrate the release.

“Tracking apps for women’s cycles are the second largest category in the health and lifestyle apps and will be downloaded by the millions around the world – now Danish women also have that possibility with their own app” says Ida Tin.

The app has a fresh, clean design – no pink, no flowers – and focuses on user experience. It is optimized for fast data collection. The most notable feature is that the app learns from the user’s unique physiological pattern and adjusts the algorithm accordingly. Based on input details about periods, activities and moods, the app keeps track of what your body is doing to help plan, whether you aim to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or just know what is going on.

“In a world where ‘you are what you measure’ and where we all regularly count calories and track runs on our apps, there is a surprisingly lean selection of high-tech tools designed to support women in understanding their cycle and their fertility” explains Ida Tin.

Clue plans to follow on from the Danish app release with another ten languages during 2014. In addition, they are developing a new technology which aims to bring an alternative to the existing family planning methods currently on the market. Check out their blog or follow new developments on Twitter.