It’s being called co-living for the creators of tomorrow, NEST is set to be Denmark’s first co-living space. Similar to Hus24 in Stockholm and The Glint in San Francisco, the co-living space is somewhere for entrepreneurs to live – not work – with other entrepreneurs. It’s going to be a home and social space, for likeminded people to live, eat and have fun together, and for other people to also visit and hang out.

Trendsonline reports
that NEST Copenhagen will be located 200 meters from Northgate, a house about 1,000m² with a large back yard for events and the like. The rent to be around 5-6,000DKK per person, with room for 17 selected entrepreneurs, living in apartments of 2-4 people. The house is going to be a gathering place for entrepreneurs in Copenhagen and with all the main amenities. Their aim for the mix is a 50/50 split guys/girls, but it’s about getting the best people, regardless of gender.

The idea comes from a number of entrepreneurs who have been lacking a co-living area. After some intense talk over a few bottles of wine, Kristoffer Dorph, freelance webdeveloper and Partner at StamSted, Morten Krarup Kristensen from Startupbootcamp, Peter Trydemann entrepreneur and boardmember at The Danish Shareholder Association, and Dan Nielsen co-founder of Create Copenhagen, and Marius Klausen from Moving Monday decided to work together on the project.

‘What really caught me by the project was the notion that a Monday night could be hanging out in the event space along with ten other entrepreneurs and unwind from the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and that we could do these things with like minded people,’ says Kristoffer Dorph to Trendsonline

‘What I look forward to is getting home late from work, to be completely smashed, the point where I would normally throw me on the couch and watch a movie or series, but NEST I run into some of my housemates in the kitchen, to discuss a new project and instead I end up taking a glass of wine and discuss with them until late,’ adds Morten Krarup Kristensen

The move in date will be around the middle of January 2014, and demand will probably be pretty high, so check it out, and now is the time to apply!