Geniebelt, who work in the construction field, have announced that they have recieved $ 500k (€ 360k) in funding! Geniebelt work with “the future of constructions” – making planing and project management in constructions easier.

“Let’s face it, construction projects are inherently difficult to manage, you know it, we know it. One of the reasons for this, is because the intensity of the information flow and the decision making is not matched by the sophistication of the information tools. As a result, billions of Euros are wasted yearly on rework and inefficient ways of working.” Gari Nickson writes.

“Larger construction companies are partly solving the problem with expensive and clunky PC-era systems used by armies of project managers, but the construction industry is heavily dependent on SME’s (50%+ of employees), with too many still relying on pen & paper.” he continues.

The money comes from Business Angels, amongst other: Ditlev Bredahl, Mat Braddy & Giorgio Ponticelli. Geniebelt was co-founded by Klaus Nyengaard, and some of the angels are from his time at JustEat.

Their aim is to make a big dent in the construction scene. Do IT solutions there better, smoother and saving their costumers a lot of money. In the past Geniebelt has been nominated both from Startup Weekend and Venture Cup. We look forward to hearing more from them in the future! You can read more on Trendsonline as well, who has further in depth information.