A lot seems to be happening on the tech side in construction work industry. Recently GenieBelt announced that they would be launching worldwide. Now Fieldly, a startup that works with helping field workers keeping track of progress and project management and commercial paving costs, has announced their first costumers outside their home-base, Sweden.

International market

The startup aims to make its tools available worldwide. It has initially made trials and beta-tests with Swedish construction companies, but sees the need for it’s tools internationally. It has already signed a contract with a Canadian construction company and a local construction service like www.konnectbuilding.com.au.

“It feels great to get interest from everywhere in the world, even before we have officially released the app.” says Sven Paulin

The team behind Fieldly is Daniel Krusenstråhle, previously CTO of Foap, and Sven Paulin, previously co-founder at YooDo. Both having a past with startups, and Daniel from the tech side, the product has been in development for over one year, and field tested for more then 6 month with some selected customers.

“Our ambitions have since day one been to scale globally. The app is currently available in English and Swedish, and we are currently planning to release it in German, Norwegian and Danish as well in the near future.” says Sven.

Born in Øresund

Fieldly is also an interesting example of this regions integration, even if separate cities. Daniel has previously been in Malmö with Foap while they had their office there, Sven lives in Copenhagen – and the company is based in Helsingborg, as a part of the THINK lean startup incubator at Mindpark. Fieldly’s initial costumers are from the Øresund region as well – however it has recently hired it’s first employees in Gothenburg, expanding it’s reach on the Swedish market with sales reps there, and with Stockholm in the process.