Serial entrepreneurs launching a new search engine for fashion

The Fashion is a new search engine dedicated to fashion. It brings together products from the leading Danish and international web shops and brands, allowing you to search across more than 100 online shops and 1000 brands from a place. On the website it is possible to search for everything from new brands and designers […]

Stefan Madsen on’s new CEO and his role as Chief Storyteller

The startup was founded in 2010 by Stefan K. Madsen with the mission to take advantage of the internet to help implement corporate strategies by promoting desirable behaviour and creating better data-points. In this month of April, 2014 had a change in leadership as Lutz Könnecker was appointed as the new CEO and […]

Øresund Startups: Top50 and state of the region

Today I held a short lunch seminar on the subject of the most prominent startups in the region. The seminar was held because I was asked to do it, and when I thought about it I realized would be interesting to do. So I did, even if it was with a limited amount of preparations […]

A new blog about startup boards is coming this May

A new blog with focus on board work in startups will be launched this May. The initiators of the project are Stefan K. Madsen, co-founder CEO of, Kristian Holte, a startup lawyer, and Lars Torpe Christoffersen, co-founder of and a board member of many projects. “The idea came half a year to a […]