Exciting news from 23 Video. This week the company took the next step in online video business and went live! From now on 23 Video lets stream from any device: from a webcam or an iPhone to a full video studio, delivering the best quality on every screen with adaptive streaming and to every country with their global CDN. The feature became a reality after two years of development and a collaboration with over 50 pilot customers.

Live streaming will allow to make a great leap for marketeers and communicators giving them an opportunity to stand out with more unique video content. On top of that there is great many tools that power up the new future.
23 Video’s live video streaming comes with handy promo tools for social media and e-mail marketing. One can also have an event page that can be configured for any purpose using tools such as schedule, registration, reminders, slides or maps.

Live recordings can also be edited in the browser, making it possible to turn event footage into many clips and being a time savior. There is also a powerful real-time analytics that tracks number of viewers, viewer retention, peak viewers and overall engagement, all of which allows companies to create better customer engagement.

There is some great content from the launch day including the keynote video, conferences and pliantly more to come here: 23video.com/live