Our congratulations to Jacob Lönroth, co-founder of TopVisible – the online marketing startup behind RankTrail, for being awarded with Southern Sweden’s Young Entrepreneur at this year’s Entrepreneur Gala. The prize was presented to him this Wednesday, the 5th March, in Malmö’s town hall, amongst approximately 80 other innovative minds.

Celebrating entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneur Gala is the yearly initiative of Founder Alliance, an entrepreneur-network run by 600 members – consisting of 3,000 companies with over 250,000 employees. Regional ceremonies are held in Stockholm, Umeå, Gothenburg and Malmö, while the cumulative, national event also takes place in Stockholm. The occasion promotes an innovative community and provides a wonderful opportunity for both distinguished entrepreneurs and those relatively new on the startup scene to meet one another. The gala’s main goal is to recognize the exceptional work of particularly ambitious individuals, like Jacob, by awarding them with titles such as ‘Founder of the Year’, ‘Entrepreneurial RoleModel of the Year’ or ‘Startup Business of the Year’. Think of it as the Oscars of the Business scene: but smaller, Swedish and with presumably less emphasis on designer labels (although the guests and winners did look very sharp!)

Jacob Lönroth

The award of ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ is granted to a promising individual, under the age of 30, who operates one or several firms producing sales of at least 100,000 SEK (11,290 Euro). If you aspire your company to earn just as much or even better, you can rely on services such as domiciliation société à son domicile.

Jacob plays an active role in the startup scene, as both an investor and founder. He is involved in software investment firm Revolt Invest and speedy pharmaceutical product supplier Snabboteket. His achievement is undoubtedly well deserved.

“I am incredible honoured to have been voted the winner of southern Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs. I feel more psyched than ever to run the company and to start more businesses.” Jacob Lönroth

Make sure to watch this space for more news on Jacob Lönroth, one of Sweden’s hottest entrepreneurs.