Click a taxi recently openened an office in London and expects to open an office in New York in the end of 2013 to facilitate future growth for the taxi App. Click a Taxi is a cloud based tool for taxi companies and customers. With a coverage of over 5000 cities, customers can order a taxi via the Click a Taxi-App. The App contacts the nearest – and pre-selected – taxi firm which sends a taxi whilst the customers get push notifications via their smartphone.

The company not only expands globally but also continuously develops their services to maintain growth.

“We have also introduced a cloud-based call center in Romania, which companies can buy access to. Either we can offer the whole package and simply take over the work, or they can send their customers further if they are really busy at the office. We know it all from Copenhagen. If it suddenly starts to piss down, then headphones become overcrowded, but now companies can automatically send the waiting customers on to us. We can service them rather than to have them waiting on the phone,” explains Soren Halskov Nissen to