Christian Stadil, Tommy Ahlers and Jesper Buch invested 1,5 million crowns (over 200,000 euro) in Danish startup Washa, an online laundry and dry-cleaning service that picks up your clothes and drops them off clean at your address within 48 hours. The investment took place in connection with the Danish DR1 program “Løvens Hule” (Lion’s den), writes TrendsOnline.

Founded in 2014 by three entrepreneurs Karim Ben M’Barek, Max B. Stripp, Jannick Christensen, Washa has shown impressive growth since creation. In less than a year and a half, Washa has washed 30 tons of clothing for about 10,000 private customers. In May the startup joined Accelerance, and over summer Washa received another investment from textile- and laundry giant Berendsen. This investment for undisclosed sum is supposed to help Washa scale in 14 countries where Berendsen operates with record speed. This makes Washa’s targeted revenue of as much as 50 million crowns (over 6 million euro) in just two years more realistic than first anticipated.

In the latest investment round, Jesper Buch, Tommy Ahlers and Christian Stadil agreed to put half a million each against total of 30 percent ownership in the start up.