Copenhagen-based grassroots startup movement #CPHFTW welcomed a new managing director in the beginning of February. It is none other than Michael Bak , a strong profile with many years of experience as an entrepreneur and working with ecosystems. He is co-founder of three startups, former Managing Director of the entrepreneurship competition, Venture Cup, and a head of BLOXHUB BuildTech accelerator.

CPHFTW was founded in 2013 by 86 startup companies in Copenhagen to provide better support for new projects and initiatives in the startup world. Since then the organization has grown to more than 100 members, ranging from new startups to some of the largest Danish global startups.

“I am extremely humbled and proud to partake in what’s bound to be the most exciting year in Danish tech — there is huge attention towards the whole Nordic scene, and we have a unique opportunity right now to drive efforts towards especially international capitalisation, recruitment and policy for the benefit of all. Both for our members; but essentially for the whole ecosystem. And we’ll be launching new initiatives to target these challenges shortly.” Michael Bak, new Managing Director, #CPHFTW.

In the email to Borsen.DK, Michael stated that the goal is to make Denmark a beacon when it comes to creating and developing startups in the tech industry, which traditionally includes areas of software and fintech.

“Traditionally, the best Danish tech companies went abroad and raised capital. The trend we should break. We need more foreign and Danish investments in tech companies and overall recruitment and effort for the entire industry,” writes Michael Bak in an email to Borsen.DK.