Swiftcourt is a Swedish startup that secures private transactions between individuals by means of creating purchase agreements. Just recently Swiftcourt added a new feature to its service. From now on the company offers its customers  fully mobile-adapted purchase agreements for buyers and sellers that are completely customized.

The service is unique in its nature. And according to Swiftcourt it goes in line with digitization trends, where mobile phones will continue their dominance in many areas of our lives.

“The contract as a tool to secure business will be replaced by mobile-adapted solutions that handle everything that has to do with a transaction. Buyers and sellers will talk and negotiate via their mobiles. They will create, edit and sign their purchase contracts, also via mobiles. In the future event the courts will move into our phones and help buyers and sellers to resolve disputes quickly and easily,” shared on company’s blog.

The new service allows users creating sales contract at their computer or mobile phone in just a few minutes together with the counterpart. When both parties are satisfied with the content of the agreement, they easily sign the contract via their mobile phones. As soon as both have signed the contract, the parties can safely complete the transaction.

Swift Court provides help in keeping track of the agreement until it is needed again. If something goes wrong with the purchase, Swift Court is the one to quickly resolve the problem.

“Legal industry nowadays is going through something like a rebirth. Development of new mobile solutions will create entirely new opportunities for how we do business with each other errasing the limitations and risks associated with it. And this is a development that Swiftcourt leads.”