EasySize, the data-driven service solving the sizing and fitting issue in fashion e-commerce, launched in Germany this month after rapid growth in Scandinavia and UK. Stylepit.de clients will be the first to use the sizing tool in Germany while shopping for clothes online.

“German online shops face one of the highest return rates in Europe. On average, 40-45% of all clothes are returned. The major reason for this, of course, is the wrong size and fit of purchased garments.”

– says Gulnaz Khusainova, founder of EasySize, and continues:

“Online shops’ owners need to deal with the problem while keeping in mind the customers’ needs. We already successfully collaborate with fashion retailers in Scandinavia and UK and provide the correct sizing for hundreds of online shoppers every day. We are excited to expand to the German market and introduce EasySize for local fashion e-commerce shops”

The EasySize’s algorithm analyses shopping behaviours from more than 400 000 unique users across Europe and currently covers over 500 fashion brands in its database.

“On average, integrated shops experience the drop in returns by 35-40% and save up to 7% of their shops’ revenue. We not only helps online shops save money, but also their customers to find the correct size & fit.” says Gulnaz

After Germany EasySize will continue to expandi and aims to soon be available in more languages for online shoppers all around the world.