The medtech startup from Malmö is opening a sales office in the British capital, according to Rapidus. Trialbee‘s CEO Lars-Olof Eriksson mentions that the Malmö and London offices will be sharing their European clients. They also have 7 employees in the US office.

Trialbee develops a platform for digital patient-study matching and engagement services for clinical tests. The aim is to accelerate drug development for pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations globally. Trialbee has also developed an app that makes organisational issues between a patient and a pharmaceutical company much more simplified – just with a few clicks a company can hire a patient or prolong a drug prescription.

“I am thrilled to be guiding such a diverse and talented team – it’s a company where people with executive experience in pharma and clinical research are now working seamlessly with best-in-class programmers and interaction designers”, says Anders Tullgren, the chairman of Trialbee, to Industrifonden.

Having received significant investments in 2013, 2015 and 2017, Trialbee continues to develop and expand. The company has previously been mentioned in top 33 most successful companies in Sweden several years in a row.

Source: Rapidus, Industrifonden.