Tine Thygesen has announced that she is leaving Everplaces. In a post she announced the decision, and also that Everplaces will split into two different startups, one with a B2C focus and one with a B2B focus.

Getting better by focusing

Everplaces will remain the name of the B2C app, that already has a great userbase. The B2B part, which is about building travel apps for companies or regions, will become a separate entity, she explains.

“This strategic move enables us to focus our efforts inside the company on one product, rather than two. This is good news for all our clients, such as German National Tourism Board, Urban Adventures, Epoque Hotels, etc., whose amazing travel apps are built on the platform. It will enable us to create travel related apps with even more advanced features, faster, easier and cheaper than ever before.”

The two companies will be headed by one of the co-founders each. Angelica Vargas will head Everplaces:

“After much discussion, we decided to move [Everplaces] with cofounder and designer Angelica Vargas, who loves this product. Angelica is among the most talented mobile designers in Europe and will set up a design business helping brands and startups, so this is a great home for the app.”

And Christoffer Kaalund will head the new B2B entity:

“Our B2B product, the new focus, will be rethought from scratch. It’s almost like a new startup, except it comes with revenue, reputation and clients.”

“The product will now get its own name, brand and resources. In this process, cofounder Christoffer Kaalund is stepping up as CEO.”

Everplaces has been one of the most known startups in the region, and has received a lot of awards and recognition, both nationally as well as international. The startup has had a seed investment so far, and has revenue from the B2B arm, which Tine reports to be $ 400 000.

Time to move on

Besides Everplaces being one of the more visible startups in the region, Tine herself is also one of the more famous entrepreneurs, being often in the spotlight. Besides Everplaces she is co-founder of Founders House, that has recently both become one of the central parts of Startup Village, as well expanded to become even bigger.

About deciding to move on, she writes:

“To me, this became the right time to move on. I believe fully in the potential of the app-platform, and will remain a shareholder. But for me, there are products more closer aligned to my personal interests. So I’ve chosen to leave, and because I have full faith in Chris’ ability to take the company to new heights, it feels like a really good decision.”

What Tine will do next she has not yet announced, but she hints that there are several options that is interesting for her to choose from. We hope she will find a good spot with a great team, were she can use her gained experience to make the most use.

Read her entire blogpost for the full story.