Tourboks, an online portal providing tourist attraction activities to the Asian market, is the sister company of a Danish player, Uniko Holding which was established in 2009. The firm is now international and has 5 different companies: Uniko ApS, Eurotime ApS, Cafe Apothek Hellerup ApS, Uniko Real Estate ApS and ApS.

Being a company that prides itself on offering customized packages to the Asian market, Tourboks has recently launched a new payment system that specifically fulfills the needs of the Chinese market when they book tours and activities at the website. It now offers two payment methods that are trusted and very popular in China: Alipay and UnionPay, stated in company’s press release. Alipay is China’s leading online payment provider and the primary means of online payment for Chinese consumers, while UnionPay is the only domestic bank card organization and the only interbank network in China which provides several ways of making purchases online.

“Having Alipay & UnionPay as payment options was a must for us, as our goal is to improve Chinese customers’ experience. This is one of many Tourboks initiatives to follow, in an effort to become the most Chinese-friendly platform for tours and activities” said Chryssa Oikonomidou, General Manager of Tourboks.

These payment options give Tourboks a distinct competitive edge and provide the Chinese market a better user experience. The website is proud to say that it has a splash of Asian DNA and understands that it cannot cater to the Asian market the same way it serves the European one.

“Their needs are different, the language is different, the means of communication are different,” says Oikonomodu in Eye for Travel. “We speak the language of our target markets and we always strive to cover their specific needs.”

With the difference in language and culture, its aim is to stand out and provide Asians with a superior experience.