After only a few days, the app Be My Eyes emerged as the Danish Appstore’s number one downloaded free of charge app. Over 70.000 sighted and 5.500 blind people worldwide have signed up for this new app. In just one day after launching, the new app had over 10.000 users.

But how come an app registers users as sighted or blind? The idea of Be My Eyes is to help blind people in situations where you really need to rely on your sight. In these situations the app helps blind connect to a sighted person via a video call, whom they can ask and show the question they have. It could be anything from asking about the expiration date of the milk or asking about the way to the right railway platform.

“It’s my hope that by helping each other as an online community, Be My Eyes will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world” says Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Founder

The praises in social media didn’t wait long; Twitter is filled with admiration for Be My Eyes’ usability and creativity. And this does of course not only come from people occasionally in need of an extra pair of eyes. Wiberg hopes that the app will also help the helper through creating a feeling of happiness to assist a fellow human being.

The combination of creativity, technology and application area provides a fantastic outlook for the nonprofit app. And with such a record start, Be My Eyes’ popularity is only believed to grow!

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