Fieldly, a Sweden based company is expanding globally and to achieve their goal the company is planning on taking in financing in the amount of 50 million SEK (€ 5.3 million).

“We see that interest in our product is growing in Scandinavia and Europe and it is growing organically. We are not in need of capital right now, but we need to prepare to meet the demand and to take Fieldly to the next level,” says Daniel Krusenstråhle, CEO and founder in Digital.

Fieldly is a digital tool that simplifies project management for construction companies. The benefits of using the application are projects that are on schedule and within or below budget, while at the same time providing control over expense reports. It also measures increasing margins, billable hours and black numbers.

The platform consists of a desktop interface designed for the supervisor in the office, as well as a mobile application used by field workers. The supervisor can assign tasks, keep track of supplies, materials and costs which are then looked up by the employees. The app provides detailed information on the tasks to be performed and in what order, and reports back when the chores are done. The end customer, typically the house or plot owners who hired the construction company, can use Fieldly to update themselves on which parts of the project are ready and what is next in line. The construction sector has begun to see the benefits of being digitized.

“We see that our customers will save at least one hour of work per user per day by not having to go to the office to account for and report on, the way they have always done,” says Sven Paulin, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder.

Fieldly’s customer base is mainly in southern Sweden but the company has been spreading across the country and have recently released their service in Poland and Finland on demand from the construction companies there. Preliminary figures show that Fieldly had sales of SEK 2.9 million (€ 0.3 million) in 2015 and the forecast for 2016 is SEK 10 million (€ 1 million).