Fieldly, the Skåne based proptech startups gets a new investor for € 2 million (SEK 21 million) for its international expansion. The investments comes from existing investor Christer Dahlén, the founder behind Byggmästar’ in Skåne.

The startup focuses on smaller construction companies and is developing an app and web-based digital project management tool that will ensure saving time and money for the construction industry. It will give better control on the projects from work orders to personal files.

“Partly it is about us developing the software itself and then about entering rest of the Nordic region,” says Christian Dahlén to Rapidus.

Fieldly’s CEO Valle Wantzin comments to Rapidus,

“We have new sales record for the 8th quarter in a row and as of today have used and created value in over 350,000 projects,”

The investment will primarily be used for scaling up sales and marketing and it’s cross border expansion. As per the co-founder, Sven Paulin, Fieldly has activities throughout the Nordic region, and sales is a big focus now.