Denmark’s largest blogging platform, Blogger’s Delight, has just acquired Looklab who manages a number of fashion and lifestyle blogs. The acquisition of its largest competitor is just the first in a strategy designed to make Blogger’s Delight to the largest online media house.

Bloggers Delight serves already over 10 million page views per month to about 600,000 unique readers. This is achieved using a network of over 30,000 blogs.

That figure is likely to increase significantly now that Looklab become part of the company. And there is no guarantee that the acquisition will be the last, says Henrik Akselbo, founder and director of Blogger’s Delight, to Trendsonline.

“We have a continued offensive growth strategy. Fortunately, there are a number of macro trends that support these growth plans, but there is no doubt that we of course have an objective to overperforme market. In this context, it can not be denied that in the future we will again make acquisitions that we feel can help us achieve these objectives.”

“We are, however, on the other hand also very optimistic about that we respectively. Bloggers Delight and Looklab already have a platform that can ensure the continued explosive growth in the coming years. We are the clear market leader on blogs, but is also a medium like so much floss and increasingly need to grab market share from the more traditional media platforms and media brands. ”

He also tells Trendsonline that Blogger’s Delight future might be outside of Denmark. The company also monitors other European markets and businesses and are ready to expand if the right opportunities arise.

This story originally appeared on Trendsonline in Danish.