In 2003, Jarno Vanhatapio founded, Scandinavia’s biggest fashion retailer online, and ran it during ten years. Now, Vanhatapio is focusing on his new global fashion business and therefore buys the Malmö-based online store Country-Dreams.

“ acquires the company because it fits well into our diversified fashion industry and it will kick-start our operational activities. We also believe that Country-Dreams is a “diamond in the rough” that we can start to scale upwards with a well-balanced profit margin” says Jarno Vanhatapio.

Since 2008, Anna Weinberg has run Country-Dreams. When she bought the company, it was close to bankruptcy, but as Weinberg took over sales has grown every year. Last year, Country-Dreams had a turnover of € 1.7 millions and an operating profit (before tax) of around € 470 000. Today, Country-Dreams is one of Sweden’s most profitable fashion companies online.

”I decided to sell Country-Dreams when Jarno contacted me. The timeing was good: Country-Dreams needed funding in order to grow. I believe that his experience will benefit the company” says Anna Weinberg.

Anna Weinberg will resign as CEO of the company, but remain operational during a transition phase. The plan for Country-Dreams is to maintain the brand and run the store as a subsidiary of Synergy effects arise both in the purchasing department and by the move of the warehouse to in Borås, Sweden. In the future, an international launch is planned.

“We believe that the Country Dreams, together with, has a great future in the fashion industry and we look forward to many fun and successful year together with customers and suppliers” says Anna Weinberg.