Startup Zkyon, which is currently developing a service for creating new revenue for bloggers and newspaper publishers, has recently received a substantial investment from Symbal Communication, as reported by

About the Company

Founded by Per Ljungwall in February of 2014 , previously an IT Consultant in digitization, Zkyon markets itself as the world’s first content exchange. The mission: to develop a commercial-user-driven multimedia platform where professionals as well as private actors can make money from the digital material they produce.

The service will allow readers to enjoy the greatest quality content, while sharing and evolving within their interests, and simultaneously enable creators to monetize their creativity, knowledge and experience.

“There is something fundamentally wrong when newspaper publishers and other media can not monetize content that they have created. The goal of Zkyon is that all writers should be able to monetize their digital materials.” says the company’s CEO and founder, Per Ljungwall.

The service strives to bring together digital material on a platform wherein readers can then pay to read the articles. The price is set by the creator of the content. Users pay through a type of prepaid card loaded with money. Zkyon then charges the author when an item is sold. Let Ljungwall explain:

“If you’re, for example, interested in fishing in the North, you can filter the content to only show articles and information relevant to this. This way the reader can preview the material before deciding to pay to read it.”

In addition to the fund from Symbal Communication, headed by CEO Peter Gustafson, Zkyon has been granted equity from an establishment in Malmö. So what will all these funds go to?

“The money will be used to develop the product and get it to market,” says Ljungwall.

The startup wil be launching the first version of this service in May and currently has nine people working on its development.

About the Investors

Symbal Communications was founded in 2003 and had sales of SEK 19.5 million in 2013.

“Symbal work with change communication, says Per Ljungwall. It is of great value to us because want to break the market’s habitual patterns.”

Best of luck to both parties: it will be exciting to see the final result!