Malmö-based company Hemavi has recently launched its platform in Denmark. It has been in a partnership agreement with the house insurance company, Hedvig since 2021.

“We offer more than just connecting housing applicants with households with rooms left over. We focus on the whole moving experience and want to make it more positive than it is for very many today, not least everyone who moves to Sweden. It is difficult to understand how it works and very stressful, I know that from my own experience.”

Hemavi’s co-founder Hazem Ashour recently told Rapidus

Founded in 2021 by co-founders Hazem Ashour and Pascal Dettwiler, the startup was previously launched in Stockholm and has matched more than 3,500 applicants with housing. The startup provides an easy and hassle-free matchmaking platform for finding rooms and roommates. It handles the entire process, including securing app messages and video chats to online contract signature and deposit payment.

The startup provides home insurance to both tenants and landlords on the platform, thanks to its partnership with Hedvig. It is also in talks with among others, Movinn Coliving,  which provides furnished apartments for shared accommodation in Copenhagen, Odense and Århus.