, a Danish startup that sells online gift cards, is rapidly growing and getting ready to expand abroad according to TrendsOnline. The key of Sendentanke’s success is that it is not a deal site, but rather an intermediary that focuses on the best brands.

The first investor and partner, Lars-Bo Sølvquist who joined the startup in November of 2012, has also played an important role in Sendentanke’s successful development. Initial capital that was gathered from many sources gave a great push for the company allowing it to achieve growth rate necessary for paying its own expenses. Moreover, Sendentanke has received an access to online marketing agency and now started making actual campaigns.

“It seems we are doing quite well since we have obtained stable techniques and more control of the many balls we had thrown in the air. We have a great working relationship with such companies as Interflora, Just-Eat and many more. Last few months it’s just been non-stop,” says Lars-Bo Sølvquist.

Currently Sendentanke has signed agreements with about 20 Danish brands and there is more to expect in the future. Major focus at the moment, however, is on the company’s foreign edition called Huuray! International partners seem to be very interested in using company’s technology abroad.