Copenhagen-based GovTech startup Ulobby is rapidly growing and recently opened their second office in Brussels. The startup’s aim is to let more people understand and influence political agenda.

The startup was founded in 2017 by Anders Kopp Jensen (CEO) and Bertel Torp (CTO), who saw the gap on the market for an easy-to-use tool for Public Affairs professionals to help them handle and solve critical political issues for their companies. Political regulation is becoming an increasing threat to organisations and companies globally as new legislation can shut down a business overnight.

Ulobby’s founders:  Bertel Torp and Anders Kopp Jensen

Our software is unique, because we understand the daily trials and tribulations of the lobbyists, as we have built our platform *together* with clients, thereby solving their pains and not just delivering nice-to-have functions. As we have worked in politics ourselves and as lobbyists, we have experienced the very analogue and time-consuming working methods which is still the status quo.

Ulobby is a B2B SaaS startup, and its software includes tools that monitor issues and stakeholders, manage activities, help run a professional lobby campaign and gather political intelligence.

The technology behind Ulobby is based on AI, natural language processing, stance detection and topic mining. What is more, it is easy to integrate the data from Ulobby’s platform into clients’ systems.

Our software provides ‘peace of mind’ by automating issue tracking and digitising issue and stakeholder management. Users can increase political influence and minimize political risk. Today much is left to chance, manual work or expensive advisors.

Currently Ulobby is the largest lobbying platform in the Nordics. The startup’s founders shared that they are also planning on expanding further to Sweden and Norway in 2020 and is currently investigating possible partnerships there.