Orbital Systems closes 2015 with the largest commercial order in its history from Frederiksberg’s swimming pool in Copenhagen and welcoming a new head of production Peter Carlsson, previously of Tesla.

Orbital Systems is Malmo-based startup behind innovative showers that help to save up to 90% of water and 80% of electricity. Launched in 2012, Nasa-inspired showers by Orbital Systems were installed in a number of places with public showers among which Central Hospital in Kristianstad, Hotel Mäster Johan as well as Swedish Armed Forces.

Large order from Copenhagen

The order from Frederiksberg’s swimming pool in Copenhagen is presently the largest one for Orbital Systems. Instalation of 8 new eco-friendly showers will be complete in January. The oder is worth a couple of million crowns, but according to Kim Andersson, CEO at Frederiksberg’s swimming pool, the showers are deemed as an investment that is expected to yield returns within 3 years in the form of water and electricity savings, especially since the cost of water in Denmark is about 4 times higher than in Sweden.

During the past few months Orbital Systems has been going through expansion, establishing two new offices: one in Berlin, Germany, and one in Palo Alto, USA. There is even a plan to establish presence in Norway in the nearest future.

“Norway is Tesla’s biggest market outside North America. There is a will in Norway to invest in “green” solutions. Although there are good subsidies on electric vehicles in Norway, most people do not buy a Tesla for economic reasons. It is mainly about the readiness to invest in green technology and belief in the idea of a better future related to it,” says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, CEO and founder of Orbital Systems.

Future growth and a new head of production

In relation to the expansion plans, Orbital Systems is currently scaling up its production in Hjärup – mowing from handmade to mass produced. Company’s ambitious plans will be powered by expertise of Peter Carlsson as a head of production who has previously been CPO & Head of Supply chain at Tesla motors.

“Peter’s experience in dealing with challenges that are faced by innovative startups when it comes to transformation from a research and development company to a global consumer products company will be extremely valuable to us,” says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi in 8till5.

In connection to the new position at the company, former Tesla chief also brings in an investment and takes a seat on a board at Orbital Systems.

Peter Carlsson has worked for Tesla since 2011 and was one of the company’s first employees. As a CPO & Head of Supply chain he was responsible for Tesla’s upscaling in terms of supplier structures and logistics systems.

“It is very exciting to be part of the Orbital Systems during the entrepreneurial growth phase,” says Peter Carlsson.