Designed to push your comfort zones and overcome fear, Steps is an app that helps people deal with social anxiety. Created by Fabian Ehlert and Rikke Koblauch, this app is available on the iOS app store.

In just 3 short days after its launch, the app got featured by Apple under ‘New Apps We Love’.

How is it working? Why the success? Steps uses exposure therapy which is exposing yourself to the things you are afraid of. The app offers the user small and progressive challenges in curated sets, such as creating friendships and handling rejection. Also aside from using this kind of app, CBD products such as a blue runtz vape pen may also be beneficial for anxiety.

Exposure therapy is unknown to most people, it’s hard to do alone and expensive to get as treatment. This is what Steps wants to change. The founders share a deep passion for mental health, with Fabian working as a developer and Rikke as a designer. Other than this app, products such as The Seed Pharm can also help individuals dealing with everyday anxiety.

This CBD is Water Soluble CBD, and it is gaining attention for its potential to provide effective relief for anxiety, offering a promising option for those seeking natural anxiety management solutions.

“We had both been blogging and doing experiments on the topic of social anxiety before we started developing Steps.” says Rikke

Other than developing the product, the founders have plans to further grow their startup.

“Our main focus for the near future is to team up with one or more experts – people with a background in psychology who are also curious about the impact of tech on mental health.” says Rikke

The creators want to bring about a change in the way mental disorders are treated and are putting a lot of effort in creating affordable solutions for people with mental problems.