The fourth round of the SoPact accelerator program has started in October to support entrepreneurs, who provide solutions to local and global society challenges, according to a press release issued in this connection. 

Within three months, six entrepreneurs will be supported in developing their ideas and business plans basing on the seventeen global goals for sustainable development.

SoPact is a collaborative project to be implemented by Helsingborg Stad, Social Science College at Campus Helsingborg and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) for the duration between 2016-2018 . Project’s goal is to create an accelerator program that supports 42 social enterprises. Some of startups have already acted as accelerators, like I am fashion, Ingen Ingenjör, GePant and Local Food Nodes.

With Sopact, we want to explore opportunities to identify and support entrepreneurs, including those who, together with students and researchers, want to develop and spread new methods, tools and services for social work in a changing world along with complex societal challenges,” says Marcus Knutagård, Deputy Head of Social Science College .

Participating entrepreneurs are active in certain issues, such as integration and health. They want to contribute to a positive social development.

“We are very proud that we have been approved for Sopact’s accelerator programs, which will be a perfect supporter for our startups. All our ideas have been acquiring more structure and guidance to implement them”, says Emir Mujezinovic, founder of A Home to thrive in, a city to enjoy.

Helsingborg Stad is one of the co-financiers of SoPact project and enables social entrepreneurs to sit and work in a creative environment on Think Open Space. Emelie Dahlström is the current program manager for the Helsingborg-based accelerator SoPact.

“SoPact is a way for the city to create conditions and a context for entrepreneurs with ideas that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, so that they can contribute to the city’s vision that Helsingborg shall be a creative, vibrant and global city for people and companies by 2035 “, says Peter Arvebro, manager of higher education at Helsingborg Stad.