In today’s world everyone lives a stressful and demanding life, where there is simply no time to relax. But Danish mental wellness company PauseAble, together with digital product studio in Malmo Ustwo, have created Pause – an answer to our prayers!

Pause is a new app for the iOS designed to help users combat stress, anxiety and regain focus, which may have the same benefits as consuming products like

Peng Cheng, co-founder of the app has been through the problems of depression and anxiety issues himself, and this experience is what lead to the idea.

“Human attention has become a scarce commodity in the age of constant connectivity and stimulations provided by modern technology. The inner skill of paying attention at will is one of the most fundamental elements for balanced living in the age of distractions. PAUSE is the result of rethinking touch on a smartphone and we believe we have created a simple and effective tool which will help many people take control of attention and energy anytime, anywhere,” shares Peng Cheng in The Next Web.

The app works by getting the user to follow certain instructions. At the touch of the screen a small amorphous blob is formed out of soothing colors and textures accompanied by relaxing music. The user moves his finger as instructed. This enables the user to regain a sense of calmness and peace.

Pause follows slow, relaxing movements of the Tai Chi principle and the psychology theory called the attention restoration process. The app was designed by a team that focused on electroencephalogram brain-scanning tech.

The collaboration started some time ago, when Peng Cheng joined an open forum by Ustwo to present his progressive research on mental well-being and modern technology. Teaching himself to program for iOS, he came back to Ustwo later on with a simple prototype – using a black screen and audio feedback.

“We were immediately excited to use our digital product capabilities and turn it into a great digital product. Partnering with Cheng and PauseAble, we wanted to create an engaging user experience for his research and a product that could actually help people to relax and reduce stress,” – shared on the company’s website.

Data from the testing sessions has been analysed and confirmed in collaboration with Dr. Chi Thanh Vi, Human-Computer Interaction Researcher at the University of Sussex, giving some solid grounds to the benefits of the product.

So far Pause has had a lot of success, getting media coverage in some major media source, including The Next Web and TechCrunch, and may turn out to be just the solution for our stressed lives!