is Helsingborg-based company founded in 2012 that offers assistance with online car dealership. has a number of tools that help to analyze dealerships, customers, markets and car brands and models in a very simple way. Also, you can try the best ranked car dealership in Evansville; they offer the best deal. The service and idea behind it are rather new so to find out more about we had an interview with one of the company co-founders Andrée Heino.

Andrée, how did you come up with the idea of and what is your experience in the field?

I used to work as a sales rep for a car dealership. Cars won’t sell themselves as some might think and if you work with car sales you have to spend 70-80% of your time chasing down potential customers. I and my co-founder and also a former colleague Jakob Werner quickly discovered that there were no tools that could help us generate these high quality prospects that could be turned into costumers. Neither did we have the tools to measure market activities nor spying on our competition. We teamed up with Niklas Silfverström who had the technical expertise to bring the idea to life. We quit what we were doing and started working on the most awesome sales and analytics tool for people working with automotive sales the world has ever seen,!

Tell us more about the way has come so far and what are you working on at the moment?

We are a team of four. Three co-founders and one employee. We also have two of the greatest investors a start-up can ask for – Hampus Jakobsson & Johan Lenander. We launched a BETA of for people in the automotive industry in February 2013. In the middle of April we had our MVP and were able to ship to our first paying customers. Before the summer holidays we had landed to over 20 paying dealerships. During the summer we caught up with some development and now we only focus on sales for the rest of the year on the Swedish market.

What are the challenges you are facing and how do you address them? is quite a complex system to some of our users. The trade-off between making it simple but not missing out on functionality is something we struggle with. To reduce time and money spent on educating users we’re focusing on integrating tutorials and introduction films into the most complex parts of This is something we built during the summer. It is being implemented at the moment and we look forward to seeing how this plays out during the fall.

What’s the future like for both and the industry it operates in?

We are building a platform with and in the near future we will add new features that will lead to better and more profitable car business for both buyers and sellers. As for the industry and the direction it’s moving in, I truly believe that within 10-20 years dealerships of new cars will be replaced by showrooms where costumers stop by to look at colors and upholstery and to test drive. The cars will be ordered online by the costumers themselves though.

With the Internet and mobile technology on the rise it is only logical for the companies to shift towards digital space. definitely comes as innovator within such complex and conservative industry as automotive one. However, being a pioneer has its advantages especially when more and more customers focus on easy, effective and time saving services. Seems like there is more space for creativity and innovation in car dealerships such as that car dealership near me, so good luck to with new endeavors!