Copenhagen becomes a launch place for a new on-demand delivery service of all cargo types – The service aims to make deliveries simpler and improve overall industry standards. Through an app,’s users can book and track their deliveries and know exactly then to expect its arrival.

Documents, furniture, pallet loads, containers, boats… Anything can be delivered anywhere across town, across Denmark or even across Europe. NemLevering has a fleet of bike messengers, vans, trucks and many other vehicles adding up to a total of 600+ carriers across Denmark. One can even request extra services as a complement: for instance, a few extra hands are always welcome when carrying furniture from one’s 4th floor apartment.

Professional carriers can download the app for free and start using it immediately after providing some required documentation. Accepting a delivery is as simple as clicking one button and they only pay a fee between 1% and 15% for the accepted jobs. The charge for local deliveries starts at 60kr + 10kr per km. Retail stores, online shops, online marketplaces and others can integrate via a widget or an API.

Founder and CEO, Anibal Damiao says:

“Denmark is our first step towards being present across Scandinavia and Baltics before the end of 2016. It is not reasonable to ask people to experience transportation like they did 20 years ago. We are helping the industry fixing that issue, and we hope to hire 120 people in Denmark and achieve 37 million kr in annual revenue before August 2018.”

Currently, deliveries are available in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Randers, Odense and Aalborg. But as many as 3200+ drivers signed up across the EU to join the platform.