Airtame, the wireless HDMI startup, struck gold in Las Vegas. Last week at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show, Airtame was selected as the winner in the ‘best startup’ category! With over 200 other startups that exhibits in a special area of ​​innovation, called Eureka Park TechZone, this was no small feat!

“The Airtame is a surprisingly intuitive and refreshing solution for wireless PC screen-mirroring. It’s easy to set up and responsive, and the software (available for Linux, Windows and OS X) even supports beaming one PC to multiple screens. It’s a Miracast dongle on steroids.” was Engadget’s opinion.

$ 1 million in crowdfunding possible?

Just being at the CES, and especially the prize, has gotten Airtame a lot of attention. Already before the show their crowdfunding was a success in all measures, but it has since then reached over $ 834 000, and still has 5 days left to go! It is already one of the most successful crowdfundings from the Nordics, having surpassed famous ones such as Memoto’s (now Narrative) kickstarter and Jagged Alliance, Denmarks most successful kickstarter. If they can beat the million mark is yet to be seen – but it is definitely possible!

CES is, along with the IFA fair in Berlin, the world’s largest trade fair for consumer electronics like those which contain parts from an obsolete electronic components distributor.

Altogether, more than 150 000 industry professionals were at the show in Las Vegas, which is held annually at the start of the year.