With an ever increasing number of co-working spaces in Copenhagen, finding the right office community to suit your startup can be a challenge. In today’s digital age, maintaining a level of professionalism is key even if you operate your business from home. A crucial aspect of this is having a proper business address. Utilising a virtual office in Glasgow for a postal address can be a smart and efficient solution. It not only secures your home address but also boosts your business’s image. For this, Glasgow Virtual Offices offers a practical solution, allowing you to separate your home and work lives efficiently. Here is a list of four prominent spaces in Copenhagen each offering a unique take on entrepreneurial co-working.


The mansion was conceived in 2008 when founders Laila Pawlak and Kris Østergaard bought an abandoned auto repair shop in the middle of Østerbro. Refurbishing the old and run down interior into a fully functioning co-working space has been no small feat but the results are staggering.

More than 3,000 hours of volunteer work has gone into the project resulting in a truly inspiring entrepreneurial setting. The facilities have six main rooms, each with its own distinctive feel and personality. The most popular of these rooms is the Festival, named after the refurbished art installation making up the back wall of the room. The Festival can accommodate 50 people and is ideal for company workshops and intimate speaker events.

At the heart of the Mansion, you’ll find the Café. Equipped with full bar service, cafe seating, a DJ booth, an elevated stage and surround sound the cafe is a gathering place for all the mansion’s residents. It can accommodate 150 people and it is ideal for parties and bigger events.


DARE2mansion is meticulously designed to give its residents a feeling of homeliness and community. Their model is a mixture between co-working and incubation not only offering office space but also access to investors, creative outlets, workshops, and learning experiences.

Seats aren’t restricted to startups from any specific industries or of any size. On the contrary, the mansion values diversity and the only common denominator of the residents is their willingness to create a positive impact. The mansioners are a diverse bunch and it is this diversity of missions and attitudes that give the co-working space its edge.

DARE2mansion both offers flex spaces for the smaller and more fluent entrepreneurs and fixed offices for established startups teams.

Founders House

Founders House was established in 2011 as the first tech co-working space in Copenhagen. Since then, Founders House has grown at an incredible rate. In 2014 they allocated to their current location in Islands Brygge. While resettling in their new facilities Founders House simultaneously co-founded Startup Village in collaboration with neighboring growth startups. Startup Village consists of 14,000 m2 and It houses more than 40 startups and around 500 people.

Founders House value ambition and scalability. Their residents are a select group of prominent and talented entrepreneurs. They highly emphasize knowledge sharing and community and they are actively creating an environment where people can draw on each other’s energy and experience.

Recently joining forces with the Norwegian startup community MESH, Founders House is now offering a truly flexible office service in the Nordics. After merging with MESH, Founders House resides of 6,600 m2 of office space and 13,000 m2 if you count in Startup Village.

“Size matters, because the financial muscles enable us to offer a more competitive product to our member. It means we can get better deals with savings we can pass on, invest in closed offices, as well as a service divisions, more community space and activities,” says Tine Thygesen, Co-founder, and CEO of Founders House.


Founders House recently added the option of getting a flex membership for a lower overhead than a fixed seat. The price of a flex membership is DKK 1950 per month ($275 per month). Residents can move freely between the office space in Copenhagen and the MESH facilities in Oslo.

They focus on die-hard tech startups with the ambition to scale beyond the Danish border. Their location in the middle of Startup Village provides a unique communal setting with innovation at the forefront.


Republikken is centrally located on Vesterbrogade 26, only three-minute walk away from Copenhagen Central Station. The co-working space was established in 2005 with a vision of creating an informal and dynamic community where everyone is their own boss.

The co-working space is 1000 m2 in size divided into two large rooms. They also have 23 private offices which can facilitate small companies with teams consisting of up to 8 people. Republikken is an apt location for both open and private events. They arrange a broad array of courses, lectures, and workshops.

The focus of Republikken is self-employed people working on projects within a broad array of industries. Here, both knowledge and passion are shared and cross professionalism, co-creation, and mutual inspiration is encouraged.


A flex desk costs DKK 1.875 per month ($265 per month) while a Fixed desk goes for DKK 3090 per month ($440 per month). For DKK 850 per month ($120 per month), you get a Connect membership which gives you access to Republikken’s open office during opening hours.

If you just want to visit and get inspired by the entrepreneurial setting, then buy a workpass. You pay 40 DKK ($5,5) for the first hour and from there on DKK 15 per hour ($2 per hour). The open space is open Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 17:00.

If you and your team wish to have your own private space, you can get one of Republikken’s 23 offices. An office costs DKK 4,500 per month ($640 per month).

Rainmaking Loft

At the beginning of 2015, Rainmaking opened the doors to its massive co-working space in Copenhagen. Already having set up two co-working spaces in London and Berlin, the Loft in Copenhagen can be seen as a return to the roots for Rainmaking as an organization.

The space is beautifully located in a renovated navy facility by the harbor on Holmen. The building itself was built in 1888 and provides over 3000 m2. Each of the Loft’s four floors is decorated with glass facades and simplistic designer furniture giving an impression of openness and professionalism. Every floor is divided into bigger company rooms, smaller team offices and one big lounge area in the middle.

More than 300 entrepreneurs from over 50 different companies currently call Rainmaking Loft their home. Besides having access to the office space on Holmen, residents of the Loft also have free access to work from both sister Lofts in London and Berlin.


The residents of Rainmaking Loft consist of a mixture of prominent tech startups and Rainmaking’s own ventures. To get a seat a Rainmaking Loft, a startup must be scalable beyond the Danish market and have tech as an integral part of its DNA.

The Loft offers both the opportunity for a flex desk and a fixed office for bigger teams. With a flex seat, you will have access to an open office space on the ground floor in the company of inspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs. Both residencies include unlimited use of meeting rooms, lounge areas, fast internet and a big event room.