Sofia Franzén becomes new CEO of Drivhuset Malmö

Sofia Franzén, founder of Owegoo, a travel startup now resigns as CEO to work on helping other startups reaching their potential. She becomes CEO of Drivhuset of Malmö University. Franzén founded Owegoo in 2013. The travel site stands out from the regular booking sites by focusing on what people want to do on a vacation […]

Owegoo attracts more capital

Malmo-based web-portal for travelers Owegoo raised half a million Swedish kronor (about 60 000 euro) for the development of a new function which will allow users to create their own traveling-related filters, reports 8till5. Present financing round is done by three local angel investors Hampus Jakobsson, Björn Andersson och Jan Klima. This is the second […]

Owegoo Partners Up With The World’s Largest Travel Companies

Travel startup Owegoo has announced partnerships with the biggest travel companies in the world. As part of that, the startup has also announced many new features for it’s service. Owegoo is about simplifying how to book a travel ticket online. Instead of the usual booking sites, Owegoo is for those that do not know where […]

New Entrepreneur-house in Malmö

What a way to start the new year: next January, twelve companies will move into Malmö’s new entrepreneur-house, coming together to share 500 square meters in the area of Värnhem. The lucky 12 include the likes of Shape, Mapillary, Userbin, Modcam, Brisk, Ipiit, Hemlis, Mionix and Owegoo. Established entrepreneurs Hampus Jakobsson and Karl-Anders Johansson are […]

Y combinators ‘How to Start a Startup’ lectures at Lunds University

Since their start, Y Combinators Sam Altmans lectures at Stanford have received a lot of praise. Now a couple of key people in the startup scene are helping out with entrepreneurship at Lunds University, Faculty of Engineering, using the lectures as a base and elaborating on them with local experience. Giving insights Most students eye […]

Interview with Sofia Franzén CEO of Owegoo!

Owegoo is a startup from Malmö, created by Sofia Franzén. Since 2013, Sofia and her team were working hard to get Owegoo going. And only two weeks ago, their new webpage was finally launched, and a whole new era to book your trips has begun! Instead of searching and comparing destinations users of Owegoo can […]