This is part of the column that the crazy event-space Foo Café runs.

After a long break we’re back on track. Regardless of your profession, you’ll be split for choice with the events you can attend.

There’s a smooth start this week, thanks to Chris Hughes (a techie entrepreneurial geek from Los Angeles) who is visiting us. He will participate at two events;
Reality isn’t real (is adisruptive thinking) – Wednesday, August 12
How to finance your startup (from a Silicon Valley perspective) Thursday, August 13

On Thursday August 20 are we honoured to have Andie Nordgren at Foo Café – She will share her experiences about working with Agile teams without Product Owners. At the same time, FuckUp Nights will have their season start.

Friday, August 21, will we have UX Morning Malmö.

On August 25 the Titanium Community will focus onMobile and cross platform development.

August 27 is the BIG NIGHT
– it’s our Three Year Anniversary – and you are most welcome (as to any of our events). This is special evening every year. We bring an internationally renowned  speaker who will give you a memorable presentation.
This year, Erik Meijer will talk about “Category Theory, The essence of interface-based design” and You don’t need a PhD in Maths to understand what he is talking about.

Startup Dojo will kick off its new season just before our Anniversary Celebration.

At lunch of Friday August 28 will we take a deep dive into trends and opportunities that new devices like the Apple Watch give us.

Events during September are already published, but more is on the way. Keep updated – follow us on our social media channels or visit on regular basis.

See you soon
Michael, Carina and Ebba