That the nordic countries are known for being colder is common knowledge. And a lot of foreigners also know that the people living her have a more isolated approach to social contacts as well. This makes the Nordics always somewhat hard to settle in – and to feel really at home in.

But as foreigners are of huge importance for building successful startups, there has been formed a new initiative by Jessie Scheepers, head of people at Pleo, together with Morten Elk at SimpleSite, Camilla Ley Valentin at Queue-it and Christina Pansbo at Wunderman. They have taken the initiave to start a slack channel to make it easier for foreigners to feel more included in Copenhagen.

“….nothing says inclusivity these days as much as a Slack community, right? Welcome to #copenhagen. Join us in a place to mingle, connect with like-minded people, and try to start more sharing, more reach outs, and more connections with everyone else out there.” says Jessie in an annoucement.

The goal is to create a digital space where people can ask questions, find information and support, when moving to Copenhagen or thinking about moving here.

“We in Denmark actually rank in the bottom 5 of the hardest places for foreigners to settle – along with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. That, in itself, is a bit unsettling. We think we can do better.”

Follow this link for the #copenhagen community slack.

Read more about Jessies announcement here.