We got news about a service being developed by two local guys which is relevant for online marketed focused startups: SEORanking (seoranking.io). A sleek and simple to use service, free for basic use.

It differs from other SEO tools at both its simplicity and its freemium business model. Unlike most other similar tools, it has no trial period, after which you have to upgrade. Instead simple use of SEORanking is free – forever, check this page to learn more. It is first if you want to add more than 10 keyword that you need to upgrade. Mathias Lund is also working at Graduateland, while developing the service. But SEORanking isn’t directly linked Graduateland, though Mathias Lund created it with the startups former CTO, Morten Petersen.

“I have been working here at Graduateland for the past 5 years and come to realise that there is a serious need for a tool like seoranking.io in tech startups and other smaller companies. For instance Graduateland uses it for tracking how their different landing pages rank on Google, how many visitors find them through organic traffic and how many people actually stick around.”

Being surrounded by startups helped realizing that there was a real demand.

“I have been sparing a lot with a bunch of the companies in Startup Village here in Copenhagen about the way they track their SEO, and I think SEORanking occupies a sweet spot in the market. We have built our beta version with all the input from the startups we have co-created with.”

If you want to try the tool, check it out: seoranking.io