IKEA is one of the biggest companies in this region, and one of the worlds best known brands. The giant is currently on a journey to re-positioning for more digital future. One part of this is the Bootcamp startup program, where they invite 20 growth-stage startups. Launched in 2017, it is now time for a new batch.

The 2019 program will be a three month semi-remote program, designed to accommodate growth-stage startups, who are also managing their day-to-day business while co-creating with them.

“IKEA has made a huge commitment where we will transform our business model from linear to a circular business – meaning many changes. For us this means a lot of entrepreneurial ‘doing’ and not waiting for perfection. We see the IKEA Bootcamp program as an opportunity to find startups with creativity and knowledge that can truly challenge us going forward.”, says Tony Sandelius, Range & Product Development manager, at IKEA of Sweden.

The bootcamp focuses on creating partnerships that can help IKEA with the big challenges in creating a better every day life at home for people all around the world. These challenges include ensuring affordability for the many people, connecting with and being accessible for people across the world, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, the people and society.

Apply to be part of the program by December 31st 2018. Application details are here: ikeabootcamp.rainmaking.io