Reshopper, Danish digital marketplace with local focus that allows families to sell and buy used children’s things, has received an investment from Esben Gadsbøll, the founder of WhiteAway. The funding will be used for starting a new chapter in Reshopper’s activities – expand the popular Danish concept abroad, reported in TrendsOnline.

Reshopper was launched in 2012 by four friends Anders Dahl Pape, Jonas Funk Johannessen, Anders Munk and Nicolai Denmark Johannesen, and it is expected to exceed 150,000 downloads during this month. The size of investment will remain undisclosed. But it is known that Esben Gadsbøll will join Reshopper’s board.

The motivation to invest in the company, Esben Gadsbøll motivates by his high opinion of the team:

“I have known the founders for a few years, and they are very talented. They have come a long way in building a really cool platform that gets good ratings. All this is possible because they understand how to get things to go viral, and how to get a lot of PR. It is a machine that rolls by itself.”

Reshopper team has previously been in dialogue with several investors but without the luck of finding the right match. With Esben Gadsøll the team feels like they found the right chemistry.

“We’ve had some good talks with many competent people along the way. But when we started talking to Esben Gadsbøll, there was a unique chemistry and understanding of our vision of creating a global brand and building a dedicated community. Esben possess a keen visionary sense, he constantly scans new things to see what the next big thing will be. Such a person is immensely important to have on the team,” says the co-founder of Reshopper, Nicolai Denmark Johannesen.

Reshopper plans to make one or two funding rounds, both with handpicked business angels and possibly venture capital firms. The money will be spent on extending the team so they can roll quickly and successfully into new countries.