One of the biggest challenges with building a startup is that no-one really knows what they are doing. Especially as the startup grows, everyone who is managing stuff quickly realises that you are doing stuff you probably have never done before.

This is a big problem, that hinders startups from growing as efficient as possible. In a way to help more startups share better knowledge, an idea came in life: create meet-ups around certain positions at startups. The #cphftw organisation has stepped up to trying to organise those.
The areas will be:

“One of the things we’ve heard from the #cphftw startup community is the need to share challenges and learn from like-minded people. Therefore we’re launching the sharing groups in March. The purpose is to liberate startup knowledge.” says Lærke Ullerup

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Of course a CEO or founder at a early stage startup can be involved in more then one area, while larger startups have dedicated people for each one. No matter which you are, this is a way to learn from others and talk about your own problem.

Not just entrepreneurs

The interesting approach with these meet-ups is that it is just as open for employees as for founders and entrepreneurs. As larger startups often have key employees on many of these position, this is an important step to get more knowledge into the community. Often startup events are aimed only at the entrepreneurs – which is great for early stage startups or new entrepreneurs. But as soon as the startups get traction and grow, the people hired are not always as ‘engrained’ in asking for help and sharing knowledge – something entrepreneurs often have learned during the first couple of years: that asking others and sharing your own insights is one of the quickest ways of learning and overcoming difficulties.